Non Mag Magnet AR15 Mag bullet button - Stop

If you are Thinking of Buying a Magnet Bullet Button Tool
Consider this!

If you get comfortable using an illegal tool then you are likely to forget to remove it where you shouldn't be using it !!!

WOW! If you forget to remove the Mag button from your gun and get caught, you could:
    • Go to jail
    • Have your entire gun collection confiscated
    • Become a felon for life - never own another gun legally
No Magnet ThumBee is legal for your California AR15 Magnet bullet button tool replacement

The Bullet Button magazine release drop tool ThumBee Logo
is Legal because it meets the legal requirements in California as an external tool - it is attached to your thumb and not the gun.

  • And it costs less
  • And it can't fall off
  • And it's there when you need it
  • And it works every time

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Is it really worth getting in to the habit of using the magnet button? One day you will forget to remove it and it will be that one day where the law happens to see it for some weird reason that you never expected. Now you are screwed!

You don't have to take that chance anymore and no more looking over your shoulder to see if the "man" is watching!

Don't let California Anti-Gun Jerks Make an Example Out of You

Non Magnetic ThumBee - the ultimate mag drop tool is here - mag release tool

Available in Black and White

The Bullet Button magazine release drop tool ThumBee Logo is always ready and can't fall off when you need it most, like a Magnet button tool. It's comfortable, quick, the clip drops in your hand, and most of all it complies with California Law - it is an external tool, so it is legal

The Fastest Easiest Cheapest Legal Way to Release Your Magazine from your California AR15, AR-10, M4A1, M16, AK47, Gun - Rifle - Carbine - Semi-Automatic
Non Magnet ThumBee is Made In America
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